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Program Overview
  • Participants
    ∙ Middle Schools practicing
    Korea’s Experiential Learning and
    Exam-free semester
    ∙ APCEIU program participants

  • Date
    Every Tuesday and Thursday
    According to the APCEIU Program Schedule
    [Morning Session/ Afternoon Session]

  • Venue
    UNESCO APCEIU 1st floor
    [Seoul Guro]

Model Unesco Conference

During a Model Unesco conference, participants, as representatives of each designated nation, create resolutions and discuss issues. Conference topics vary according to topic such as restitution of cultural property, global food problems, and refugee issues etc.


How Am I Connected to the World?

Recognizing that our daily life is connected to the world by learning about where common everyday things we use come from around the world.


• Connecting everyday objects with their origin countries.


Who Is a Global Citizen?

Understanding Global Citizenship through the words and sentences of others describing global citizenship.


• Completing sentences describing Global Citizenship and filling out appropriate words in the sentences.


What Is Global Citizenship Education?

Understanding the five important categories pertaining to Global Citizenship, watching a video about people’s stories supporting Global Citizenship


• Watching a video.


Global Citizens as Critical Thinkers

Knowing why GCED is necessary and understanding GCED as an education tool for peace from the perspective of UNESCO.


• Sending Peace Postcards
- Choosing your favorite “Peace Postcard” from among the 27 different languages. Writing wishes for peace to your family, friends, or neighbors; then send your postcard.

• Making a Global Citizen Slogan
- Writing “Peace” in various languages, and creating a collage by combining all the “Peace” words of your classmates.
- Writing a slogan for your collage by reflecting on a more peaceful world and becoming Global Citizens.


What Type of Global Citizen Are You?

Finding one’s Global Citizen type through the Global Citizenship Competency Test and understanding the different types of Global Citizenship.


• Evaluating one’s Global Citizenship type through Global Citizenship Competency Test by iPad and sharing it online through social networking sites

• Putting GCED stamps on the passport


Global Citizens in Solidarity

Understanding refugee’s situations through virtual reality video.


• Learning refugees who changed the world

• Experiencing the life of refugee children through Watching a 3D virtual reality video


Global Citizens in Action

Studying cases about people who take action to solve international issues, thinking about ways that students can participate and take action as global citizens.


• Reading about 6 different international issues(Girls’ Education, Child Labour, Fair Trade, Renewable Energy, Child Soldier, Appropriate Technology) on the shelves.


For a Better Future 2030

Understanding UN SDGs are goals that the whole world needs to work together towards in order to realize a better future.


• Among the 17 SDGs, choosing one goal that the person thinks is the most important and share the reasons why it is important with others.

• Creating one’s own ‘Goal 18’ beyond the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


Contact Us



120, Saemal-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 08289


TEL  02. 774. 3983

FAX  02. 774. 3958


+ Subway
Three minute walk from Exit no.2 Sindorim Station on Subway Line no.1 or 2
+ Bus
Get off at the 'Exit no.2 Sindorim Station' Bus Stop (5619, 5626, 6411, 6511, 6611, 6650, 6651, 6653, Geumcheon 07, Youngdeungpo 01)
+ Car
Mapo Bridge -> Youngdeungpo Overpass(go straight) -> Pass Sindorim Station and turn left -> Go through the underpass -> Turn left shortly at the first intersection -> Turn right at the Kookmin Bank alleyway -> APCEIU will be on your left(dark orange building