Global Citizenship
Education Game

APCEIU has developed games as learning materials to

encourage learners to become active "Global Citizens" whose

thoughts, perspectives and actions emanate their identity

and responsibility as a member of the global community.

What is Gamification?

Gamification is a recognized education strategy, which aims to

improve learners' motivation and learning effectiveness by adding

game-based elements to traditional learning environments.

APCEIU actively facilitates the pedagogy to enable an accessible and

natural GCED learning through playing games.

  • Learning Objectives
  • • Learners understand and practice the attitude of a global citizen.
  • • Learners analyze and explain their behaviours as a global citizen.
  • • Learners acquire knowledge about global issues and ask questions to discuss with friends.
  • • Learners build an understanding of Sustainable Development Goals and discuss how to implement them.
GCED Board Game
세계시민교육 협력 보드게임 ‘체인져스’ 이미지

In response to the great support for
APCEIU’s GCED contents

development, APCEIU developed ‘Changers’,
a board game about

Global Citizenship Education.

For purchase and use of
APCEIU’s GCED board games,

please contact Duo C&D

About ‘Changers’

‘Changers’ is a cooperation game
in which participants have to work together

to solve global issues and achieve goals,
allowing participants to contemplate global problems,

discuss solutions, and grow into active global citizens.

보드게임 소개(개정판)에 대한 설명 이미지

Changers Game Teaser

Game Components

‘Changers’ Components

세계시민교육 보드게임 '체인저스 구성

‘Changers’ Game Rule

Board Game

'Global Citizen Campus'
세계시민교육 이동형 체험교육키트 ‘Global Citizen Campus’ 이미지

Thanks to the great support for the
APCEIU's GCED contents development,

we have developed the 'Global Citizen Campus',

an experiential education kit for GCED,
the Global Citizenship Education.

For purchase and use of
APCEIU’s GCED board games,

please contact Duo C&D

‘Global Citizen Campus’
보드게임 소개(개정판)에 대한 설명 이미지

'Global Citizen Campus'
Game Teaser

    How to play

    ‘Global Citizen Campus’
  • Session 1) W.I.G
    (Who is a Global Citizen?)

    W.I.G Game Rule

    During the first session,
    the players learn about

    who ‘Global Citizens’ are and what virtues they possess.
    (Team-based game)

  • Session 2) TELEPATHY

    TELEPATHY Game Rule

    During the second session, players share
    and analyse what types of global citizens

    they are by discussing
    and learning about various global issues.

    (Group discussion-based game)

  • Session 3) Bef 2030
    (Better Future 2030)

    Bef 2030 Game Rule

    During the third session, participants learn about
    the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

    and ask participants to consider
    what kind of effort we need to make to build a better future.
    (Individual play)